More on Atkins Diet

Times Online This description actually missies out a step - there are 3 phases: 1) 20g, 2) 40g, and then 3) gradually add it back in until your weight starts to go up !!

I do think the eveils of too much ( and the wrong sortd ) of sugar are being overlooked in the wider debate - fats are not the big enemy.


It's official - Python is cool !

Python is an Agile language
I've always liked Python, and felt that"scripting language" demeaned it.

To show my age, I can remember (just) the discussion of device drivers having to be in assembler as C was too inefficient, and then C for applications as OO languages were not efficient enough.

We are seeing the end of this argument re: Python and other languages.


Paul Everitt's Weblog

Zope Dispatches

Zope in Europe; Zope looks really interesting, but I keep having problems getting into it. Other systems like CherryPy seem far easier to start with, but are probably not so powerful.


Long Lost Link - BlogThis!

Phew! This took some finding :
BLOGGER - News Archive BlogThis!

BlogSpot and Google

Google has bought BlogSpot.
Dan Gilmours scoop

I'm sure this will help Blogger move forward

Long time , no write

Hmm, this blog writing is not going well. Need a theme. Lot's of interesting Blogs around, so what is my angle ?

what am I interested in ?

  • Software. But this is a vast area. I like to play with Python, but so do a lot of other people.
  • Politics. But again there are many of those. Do I have a particular view, or topic I feel stongly about ?
  • History
  • Literature

    Well, let's think about those and see what happens tomorrow.