Obie Fernandez : Weblog : Ruby on Rails and More...: "Too much voodoo."

So what is meant by voodoo here? If it means magic then I guess we can all remember the Arthur C Clarke quote on sufficiently advanced technology being essentially magic. Does this mean Seaside is technologicaly advanced by comparison with Rails? A real question as I haven't used either! But now I have a bias.


Scott Rosenberg's Wordyard ? Blog Archive ? Outliners then and now:
"I am addicted to outlining as a means of organizing my work and life. "
I am not addicted ( I can give up any time I want!), but they can be neat. I tend to use Mindmaps these days (like Freemind)


The Common Lisp Directory reaches 800 entries - Lisp Propulsion Laboratory log: "I might conservatively say that the Directory is beginning to vaguely look like a possibly useful resource."


Linux on the Desktop: Not Soon:
"I cannot see people that know how to turn on the computer, login, and double-click on the IE logo switching to an OS that's still geared toward complete gear heads. "

Man, anyone can start Ubuntu and start Firefox!

If the argument changes to "but Linux is too difficult to install", then they haven't had my experiences with installing Windows.

Try giving info relevant to 2006!

How not to kickass

If you aren't tracking SDN you're going to get blind-sided.

Hmm, not when you get when you try to access that:
iView is not compatible with your browser, operating system or device. Contact your system administrator.


MF Bliki: Buildix: "I've talked many times about the virtues of Continuous Integration. To get such an environment working you need a continuous integration server, and a source code control system. To make a project run smoothly you could also do with an issue tracker for bug tracking and the like, and a wiki to help capture all sorts of project knowledge.

Getting a good environment with all of these things up and integrated together is a tougher job than you might think. Inevitably we found we would be messing around for a week or so on new projects to get the build server set up with all this stuff. I mentioned before that our London office has grown a really sharp deployment team, one of their side jobs has been to sort out putting together a build server.

It's been trialled on a few ThoughtWorks projects, and now it's available for everyone. Buildix is a complete development server, tested in the field by ThoughtWorkers (a very demanding lot), and available for free."


Well done to France

Zope Dispatches:
"When the match ended with a French victory, the entire city went nuts. It just exploded. People yelling out their doors, cars honking, a huge roar from the crowd at the festival. We then were treated to a 15 minute, very expensive, fireworks show. It was a real thrill to see. (And a heck of a match to watch.)"
It was a great game which France deservedly won - Brazil weren't bad, but France ( and not just Zidane) were great. If they can do that twice more, they'll win.

We now know that the secret of getting England to play is t get someone sent off! They played their best stuff of the tournament when down to 10 men. Just not good enough, but ortugal couldn't finish them off , so I can't see them gong any further.