Well done to France

Zope Dispatches:
"When the match ended with a French victory, the entire city went nuts. It just exploded. People yelling out their doors, cars honking, a huge roar from the crowd at the festival. We then were treated to a 15 minute, very expensive, fireworks show. It was a real thrill to see. (And a heck of a match to watch.)"
It was a great game which France deservedly won - Brazil weren't bad, but France ( and not just Zidane) were great. If they can do that twice more, they'll win.

We now know that the secret of getting England to play is t get someone sent off! They played their best stuff of the tournament when down to 10 men. Just not good enough, but ortugal couldn't finish them off , so I can't see them gong any further.

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