Smalltalk Objection Handling

Objection handling is a standard part of sales preparation. Can it be applied to Smalltalk ?

Here is the start of a list of possible objections to using Smalltalk and some answers. The idea is for the Smalltalk community to provide the answers, pointers to examples etc.:

  • No one uses it any more

    • Yes they do, may be not as many as use Java or Visual Basic. To find a Smalltalk community take a look at:

      • Newsgroups: comp.lang.smalltalk, comp.lang.smalltalk.advocacy etc.
      • Blogs: http://www.cincomsmalltalk.com/userblogs as a staarting point
      • These companies: http://www.whysmalltalk.com/production/index.htm

  • You can't do web pages in it

    • Yes , you can ! And blogs! See the cincom reference above for an example. Example code can be found .....

  • The image is bloated

    • Not by comparison with, say, a JDK or .NET environment. The well known Smalltalk application bottomFeeder is only approx. 7M. It is upgradeable and can have other Smalltalk plugins loaded.

  • There is no equivalent to Java Applets

    [I'll be looking at the Cincom Web Tutorial on this

  • It is hard to call other languages

    See examples ...

  • It is hard to call from other languages

    See examples ....

  • There is no strong typing

    There is much debate about this topic in language circles thse days, and many would cite the lack of stong type checking at all times as a benefit. Many of the benefits of strong typing can be countered by "test-first" strategies.

To be continued....

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