More on emacs and butterflies.... and org-mode

From Phil Windley
Of course, I use emacs—always have and always will.
Interestingly I use it more and more - the current diver is org-mode which I find to be a wonderful, easy-to-use and light-weight way of tracking things, even though I live in a corporate Notes environment. Notes has many great features, but I just love the text based approach and the ability to filter out TODOs in a single view from multiple files. If I am typing notes in a meeting and there is a TODO I just hit a key combinations and type it in the flow of the notes. Not so good for converting incoming mails to TODOS - if only one tool could do everything!!

org-mode can be found here . Congraulations to Carsten Dominik and the rest ofthe community. Sacha Chua is writing a book including org-mode.

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Sacha Chua said...

Thanks for the link!

You can create TODOs that are automatically linked to mail messages by using Remember Mode, if you want. =) Or you can go back and link them in later.

kbm said...

Thanks for the comment and the advice!!