Noah 3988 Case problems

Last July I built a kit from Mini-ITX.com and it has proved to be a very nice box: quite, small, powerful enough for a NAS, but it can also act as a reasonable workstation (but not gaming machine!)

Last night however, the pretty blue power button disappeared inside the case - an inspection showed that the plastic "spring" element had broken. To make matters worse the actual power button is not directly behind the hole in the front panel, so temporary fixes (like poking in a pencil!) won't work.

I can see this being a very irritating problem to fix - gluing plastic never works for long. So if anyone has any insights into how to approach this, please let me know!


Azonite said...

It just happened to me too :-(
I believe it is a weak point of poor and cheap design.

But you can swap the power button and the blue led: the button gets in line with the hole and a pen does the job!

I'm thinking how to repair it, if you meanwhile found a solution, post it!

kbm said...

Hi, My fix was to write to mini-itx, and they sent a new front panel.

Not ideal.

Allegedly a new Noah has a better button.