Diplomacy - a long neglected game

I can remember some distant games of Diplomacy - the board is still around. I have even talked with some friends about restarting. Now this:
Practical Leadership: Diplomacy is Fun Leadership Training
I just got back from chaperoning a high school trip to Costa Rica. While there, some of the kids put together a make-shift Diplomacy game out of a pizza box top. Playing gave the kids and me fun lessons in leadership and negotiation.

Diplomacy as training in trust ? Hmmm.

The game recently celebrated its 50th anniversary - with a rather disappointing reissue of the game.


Ken Flowers said...

Well, I didn't say training in trust, but now that you mention it, they did get a sense of the value of trust and the impacts of breaking it. Hope you liked the board.

kbm said...

Hi Ken,

Thanks for your comment.

Know you didn't say that, though I think that the way your group played it boiled down to the same thing.

The main take-away that I got from your piece (which was great) was that you can play it on the trust level - if there was a promise it was stuck to, if the3re was n promise then that was obvious too.

Best wishes,