Nokia n900 announcement .. I think I'm disappointed

So I was indeed correct a new Nokia Internet tablet is on its way. And there are many things to like, such as a phone, a much more powerful processor etc.

On the other hand it looks like the new OS will not run on the N8xx hardware, which is disappointing as I don't think I will be buying the new machine.

I agree with this blog by Pengiunbait, in that the reduced size means a smaller screen ( I need a bigger screen but the N810 is the smallest my varifocal eyes can now deal with), and a less adequate keyboard.

This release seems to be heading to be a phone, but I actually want better internet tablet !! I am happy to have a separate (small) phone if necessary.

So I think my requirements and the Nokia Internet family are diverging. Still perhaps they will have the resources to have 2 variants in the range?

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