Great pocket PC software

I am still in love with my new gadget - the iPAQ 5550.

Still finding plenty of good softare:

  • PC Informant 5:Although it appears to replace the built in Pocket PC tools ( calndar, contacts etc.) it really does add some nice stuff: looks good, uses screen real estate efficienly, loads of new views, great search ability ("When am I meeting X?"), great filtering, templates etc.etc.
  • Full Screen Keyboard: Not for everyone, but as an ex-Psion user this appeals to me!
  • Pocket Plus: from the same folks as the keyboard, this has a nice set of things: really closes applications, displays various monitors on the today screen, allows you to tailor a list of application buttons to appear on Today, full screen Pocket Explorer and multiple web pages at a time.......
  • Resco Explorer: Another replacement for a built-in app, but allows encryption, zip, drag and drop, and probably a load of other things I haven't found yet. The reason I actually got it, was the ability to associate file types with applications !!
  • Sprite Backup Premium: Does what it says!! Also comes with Space Detective, to tidy up those irritating temp files.
  • Pocket Mindmap: Yes !! Really !! Mindmapping on a Pocket PC!!! Handles the small screen well, with zooming, folding etc. Also the ability to view the map as a hierarchy. Has a partner tool to convert to and from Mind Manager formats on your PC. Great stuff!

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