What is it about the French? CNET News.com: "Why is it that only a handful of French companies are listed on the Nasdaq compared with more than 100 for Israel, a country with roughly one-tenth the population? The blunt truth is that France, a country with a $1.7 trillion economy, is still better known for its fromage than its technology."

French companies raise money in other ways? Israel doesn't have a big enough exchange of its own? The NASDAQ isn't as important as the author thinks it is ?

Now what about this pair of paragraphs:

"Lots of new technologies are getting developed in France," she said, "such as the ones that went into the Airbus. That's not being widely communicated."

Gauthier may have a point. But no amount of spin and marketing is enough if you don't have the goods. And so far France still has not risen to the challenge.

Sounds like the French might need more spin and marketing - or does he mean Silicon Valley companies need more "goods"?

And as for the first comment !

I'm not French BTW: the ad running by the column pronounced that CNET had now launched in the UK, so perhaps that is why the coloumn was written like that .......

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