Smalltalk Business Models

James says:Smalltalk Tidbits, Industry Rants: A response to my OSS rant:


"The problem with that is, all the Smalltalk vendors already have that base implemented. There's really no motivation to go that way as a result. There's also the fact that the various implementations vary quite a bit."

Then I guess we don't mean the same thing by "base" - I mean something that could be a shared code base. Maybe the Smalltalk community can't afford multiple code bases for commodity functions.
"As to 'trying to business models' - well, I'll make the point again: show me one that works for Cincom Smalltalk and funds the level of development we do."

I'm afraid I can't help you there - it would need a lot of inside knowldege, and will require some experimentation. How about Cincom, Dolphin etc. provide a person each to upgrade some core part of Squeak to industrial strength, then charge the same amount that you do now just for the cool stuff like Web Servers, WSDL....... As the weather is nice, you can muse in the garden, James!

And how did CLR come into the conversation? - I guess James and Alex have spoken before......

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