Citizens of the EU unite (for once)

I recommend you read this, and if you are an EU citizen, make sure you MEP, MP/Depute etc. know about the essay and your feelings about the issue:Chocolate and Vodka :: Main Page: "This is the deal. The UK, France, Ireland and Sweden are trying to push a directive on data retention through into EU legislation which would force all member countries to compel all telecommunications and internet service providers to save information about the use of their services by us, the public (document 8958/2004). They say that this is for 'the purpose of prevention, investigation, detection and prosecution of crime and criminal offences including terrorism', but whilst it would have far-reaching consequences, the benefits appear to be non-existent.

As Heinz Kiefer, president of the European Confederation of Police, pointed out: 'The result would be that a vast effort is made with little more effect on criminals and terrorists than to slightly irritate them.' (1)"

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