NHS Analysis

Britain, UK news from The Times and The Sunday Times - Times Online:
"Asked to explain how in the midst of plenty the NHS was running out of money, she[Patricia Hewit, Health Secretary] said that there were a variety of reasons.

“In some cases, it is financial mismanagement. In others, it is inefficiently organised services — such as not doing enough operations as day cases, or keeping people in hospital longer than needed.

“In some areas, there are too many services being provided from too many places. In others, the health community has been overspending for a very long time and taking money from other parts of the NHS to balance their books."

OK, so you are saying there are just a variety of different reasons, but then say this.....

“This is very unfair on underspending areas, which tend to be in the North and the Midlands — they are subsidising NHS services in the South and East.”"

Hmm, so perhaps it is not random after all! Let's see, the South and East - most densly populated, highest costs of living....... Sounds like a problem in the system as a whole to me.

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