Squeak Programming for Kids

From the always interesting Ted Leung on the air: "At Mind Camp, Todd Blanchard brought by a copy of 'Squeak: Learn Programming with Robots', and the girls got excited by paging through it. It looked pretty good, and Squeak/Smalltalk certainly has the programming constructs that I want my kids to be exposed to straight off (at least if they are going to be programmers). Also, one of the original motivations for Smalltalk was for allowing kids to do programming and simulations, and that heritage seems to have carried through into the Squeak community. For a great/depressing look at some of the learning applications, you can check out this video from ETech 2003."

I just bought this book for my nephew - I am waiting to see how he takes to it. My own kids are still resolutely against programming - they obviously see what it has done to me!!

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