Pilot Capless Pen

I am now the proud owner of a Pilot Capless pen.

I have been keen to get one for a while now but a few things came together:
  • My old pen leaked when I was with a client - not a major problem on that occasion, but I took it as a warning
  • That pen kept drying out - I must admit that I use a laptop so much that my pens get very intermittent use ( I also got some Namiki ink to solve this problem - some people have cited Quink ink as a problem for pens which aren't used frequently)
  • My wife allowed me to buy my own present :-)
Initial experiences are positive - looks great and writes smoothly. Leaking and drying up will take time to test.

I hadn't seen this article until just now, but the advantages of the pen are well put and the same on-line site Cult Pens was used: great price and very fast delivery.


pigpogm said...

Hi Keith,

Thanks for the mention - I work at Cult Pens.

I've never had a Capless leak, or even *heard* of it happening, so you should be pretty safe there.

Drying up certainly shouldn't be a problem, either - they're well sealed. If it's likely to be unused for a while, though, you could always keep it wrapped in a little plastic bag, to stop the air getting at it.

kbm said...


Nice handle!

Pen is just great so far, and attracting lots of attention - writes well too.

"unused for a while" - are we talking days or weeks for this?

Thanks for the comment and the advice.

pigpogm said...

Days certainly shouldn't be a problem. I've left mine unused for weeks, and it's always started again after a quick scribble, but wrapping it might be an idea if you're concerned.

Glad to hear you're enjoying it, though. They're great pens, and really good nibs - a bit more flex than most modern pens, and very smooth, as you mentioned.