"I'm cycling in the rain, I'm.....

I am in training for a charity bike ride from London to Brighton on June 20th. My neighbour and I went for a ride on (Bank Holiday) Monday. The day was grey and cool, but that is fine. But after 5 miles a light drizzle of rain started. After 12 mile it started to rain hard, but we pushed on for a while. Then we decided that this was needless, and so started back. We got colder, and tired, and made an error of judegement by taking the most direct route home - this , of course, proved to be an extremely hilly road.

We got home, but only just. I think we went beyond our current level of fitness. It really was the most miserable cycle I have ever done !!

Got home, showered, had lunch; in the afternoon the sun came out, and it was a beautiful spring day !!

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