Oh Lord, Say it ain't so!!

TheJacksonChannel.com - News - Sen. Lott Sounds Off On Iraqi Prisoner Abuse Photos

Where to start on this one ?

  • The USA and its allies need to show the world that there is an alternative to barbarism
  • You don't save lives (American or other) by turning a candidate "beacon of democracy in the Middle East" into another recruiting ground for terrorists
  • There is plenty of evidence that some prisoners should never have been brought in - they can't tell the interrogators anything, because they don't know anything
  • In every conflict it easy to vilify the opponents, make them less than human. The Geneva Convention was an attempt to halt this animal instinct.
  • Are you telling me that those photographs show part of an interrogation ? They were(Mainly) a bunch of people out of control.
  • Are ther any real interrogators there?

Poor leadership.

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