Don't compare the Mac Mini to the usual PC

Macintosh: It's a User Thing: "The Mac Mini is a game changing system. This thing is so small and cheap, it's opening up new possibilities. Put a Mac wherever in the home it would be handy to have a computer. The Mac Mini is a wonderful example of Apple thinking different that's going to be very profitable for them, and grow their market share significantly. It's the best thing they've done in computers since the iMac. Hell, I never did like the iMac that much. Possibly it's the best thing Apple's done in computers since the original 128K Mac. Despite Apple's perennial lagging in the Java and office software spaces, I'm more bullish on Apple than I have been in a long time. It's a great time to be using Macs or selling Mac software."

"The real problem with this, and dozens of similar posts and articles I've seen around the Net, is that they aren't comparing oranges to oranges. Instead they're comparing tangerines to grapefruits. A Mac Mini is not equivalent to a $499 Gateway PC or white box. It is better than these boxes. Size and design matter. "

I've just got to see one of these things - and I'm someone who puts together computers for th home - erhaps I'm jus getting lazy!!

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