Enough politics and technology - now cycling!!

OK, I bought the Lemond Etape road bike that I mentioned a few posts back !

First, a hat tip to Peter Hansford Cycles here in Winchester, UK - they went the extra mile to make sure I was happy, the bike was setup right and to add a few extra pieces. No great discounts, but a few extras and great service.

I have only had a chance to ride it twice so far. The first ride was for an hour - I thought I was going a bit faster than my old bike - then I realised I now had the trip computer set to miles an hour , instead of km/h on the old one. In other words, I was going a lot faster.

The second ride ( yesterday) was 2 hour s, with a couple of other guys planning to do the GridIron. That is when the comparison's really hit home -it was effortless to be out if front, with people I have struggled to follow before! I think there maybe two more purchases of bikes in this area soon.

All in all, this is so much better than I anticipated - it has put the fun back in cycling for me.

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