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I'm tuning into this blog.Groundhog Day: "somewhere out of all this hot air must come a discussion, an argument, (not a 'conversation') about the value of public service, the role of leadership, an examination of authority, responsibility, and accountability. We need to take a close look at that 'social fabric' that supposedly binds us as a nation. Is it nothing more than a blind faith in the 'invisible hand' of the marketplace? How can what is presumably 'the best of us,' so grievously fail 'the least of us?' What do we expect from our leaders in the way of leadership, at all levels of government? And don't look to our so-called 'leaders' to lead this discussion.

I've seen a lot of folks wondering what 'we' can do to address this situation, and, predictably, people are focusing on technological solutions, when what we have is not a fundamentally technological problem. It's something far less physical. It's a crisis of faith, it's a kind of identity crisis about who we are as a people and what we say we believe."

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