Oh no we don't

British Computer Society - Member view: The trouble with open source: "What we really need from government is an investigation of the long-term effects of OSS"

To paraphrase Dilbert "This aricle is wrong on so many levels" - if I stay annoyed long enough while articulate all of them!

So, it would appear that the only people who are actually free to participate in OSS projects are self-employed or unemployed software professionals, students and enthusiastic amateurs.

Or professional programmer employed by companies who see benefits in OSS?

The open source movement, with its hacker ethic, doesn't promote professionalism.

See above - the author hasn't got a handle on the members of the community. Also, note the absence of facts - the whole paragraph is just a set of assertions.

I remember a quote saying how good the leaders of OSS projects tended to be - they had to be as the only ruled by the consent of the ruled. Unlike companies where factors other than being good at software development can get in the way.......

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