Python GUIs

I'm experimenting with using Boa Constructor to develop a Python GUI. It uses wxPython which I have used direct before. I have got used to the Boa way of working ( I think) and am getting more productive. I'm interested to see if any required features get obscured - so far, so good.


Updating a web page

Using Quanta+ and gFTP to update a web site. The original was built using the MindManager mind mapping tool.

If the war goes on

I started to reread the Herman Hesses classic - will report after a few more chapters.



Read an interesting book called The Quaker Book of Wisdom by Robert L Smith. I'm not a Quaker, but I must admit I found many of the topics rather appealling - so might others in these troubled times.

The chapter on Simplicity seemed particularly appropriate; can you watch all these cosmetic and fashion adverts without wincing ? All this vanity and waste when people are starving, lacking education etc. Don't get me wrong, some peole would always find a reason to be a terrorist, but there message of hate would die if there were no fertile soil in which it could grow. Let's work out how to reach out and make things better - don't just send money to charities (though that is a start), how can you use your skills and experience. How can you help closer to home as well ?

Back to the book - Chapter 1 discusses our need for silence, so we can hear the 'still small voice' within. Even if you are not religious, I still think we all have a need to regularly find piece and quiet to find something of ourselves and our real purpose. Don't just eat, work, buy .....

Other chapters deal with Concscience, Truth, Worhsip, Nonviolence ( also topical!), Service and Family.

If you are open to practical suggestions to improve your life, this is a great book whatever your religion.



Just started to play with Jogger - using Jabber to add comments to a blog.

Jabber is cool - it's Open Source, Open Standard ( look no patents!), can monitor AIM, ICQ, Yahoo and MSN, plus IRC etc. etc.

Lots of clients to choose from. And heaven for developers: add transports to other IM systems (Sametime anybody?) , write whole clients, add services to the server, run XML-RPC through firewals.


Ok, Old Years Resolution - write something (nearly) every day. Make it a habit !

There: conviction with a touch of realism !! I feel much better about this already.

Soon I will transform myself from a reader, to a communicator ( listen & speak - probably not in that order)


Open Source Software

Definitely back in focus after Microsofts comments on its' viral nature.

Here is an interesting quote from:

The Emergence of E-Innovation: Insights from Open Source Software Development by Bruce Kogut and Anca Meitu

"Our claim is that there is ultimately a more radical revolution in the open source
movement than the murky and contentious issues surrounding property rights and proprietary
ownership of code. The success of open-source software, such as Linux and Apache, has
made credible the possibility to innovate in a distributed environment as opposed to
traditional approaches to software development. In this way, open-source software presents a
major demonstration of what the internet means for the future of work and innovation on a
global basis." (page 2)

I think there really are 2 aspects to this debate - the legalistic focus on ownership of intellectual property and then a 'business' decision on how best to move a piece of software forward.


Something for the Unified Modeling Language community
InformIT -- Using the UML in Systems Integration