Programmatic changing of documentation in CL

From yrk:

SETF can be used to modify documentation: (setf (documentation 'foo 'function) "Common Lisp documentation is malleable").

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Distributed Systems vs. SOA

Some interesting perspectives on SOA from Pat Helland (who seems to be getting lots of links since going back to MS):

So, the move from distributed systems (one transactional scope --> one notion of time) to SOA (independent transactional scopes --> time based on the perspective of the user) is like moving from Newton's Universe to Einstein's Universe


In SOA (again, how I think of it), we are acknowledging the existence of independent machines. This affects the transactional scope (we end up with different chunks of data which cannot be updated by the same transaction) and we end up with independently evolving schema and operations for the different systems. This is a seminally different concept than distributed systems (at least in the way I think of them).

In the presence of imperfect availability of knowledge, a business is forced to choose between closing down service (reducing availability of the service), over-booking, or over-provisioning. Indeed, if multiple systems (or humans) are extending commitments independently, they must choose between over-booking, over-provisioning, or some unknown balance between them. If I have 10,000 widgets to sell and 100 salespeople, I could allocate 100 to each sales-person and know that I have not over-booked if they go out and independently sell the widgets. To do this, though, I am almost certain to need extra inventory for the sales-people that don't sell all 100 of their widgets. Indeed, for most businesses, this is a ridiculously expensive proposition. So, an analysis is done on the statistics, a cost of over-booking is calculated, and allocations are given based on the expectations of selling the 100,000 widgets.

That is my summary in 3 quotes! Read it all to a) check on my understanding, b) to get the full subtlety

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From chromatic on ONLamp:

Confusingly, every example of a DSL I saw looked like something I would have called an API before my sudden immersive enlightenment.

If I’m confused about what a DSL is, you must be too. I took copious notes through the sessions on Friday and have devised a simple, ten-question test to help you determine whether a wad of code represents a DSL or an API.

Fun! So what is a DSL?

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about schmedley - wow!!

rich internet applications

This is what schmedley is all about

Note the OS X style "Mexican applications wave" at the bottom

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My name is on a software patent.

Mark Pilgrim:
Even our most seasoned patent writers argued against it, and we did it anyway. And for what?

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More Ubuntu - now on mobile phones?

Looks like more Ubuntu momentum according to the BBC:

A version of the increasingly popular Linux operating system Ubuntu will be developed for use on net-enabled phones and devices.

The Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded project aims to create the open source platform for initial release in October 2007.

Good free(?) publicity.

No mention of apps that I can see - seems important in this space

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Common LISP: Code Coverage in SBCL

Juho reports:

SBCL includes an experimental code coverage tool (sb-cover) as a new contrib module. Basically you just need to compile your code with a special optimize proclamation, load it, run some tests, and then run a reporting utility. The reporting utility will produce some html files.

Looks very cool.

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Dell to use Ubuntu on Linux PCs

Congratulation to Ubuntu

From the BBC article:

Michael Dell, the founder, chairman and chief executive of Dell, is himself an Ubuntu user. He has the operating system installed on a high-end Dell Precision M90 laptop he uses at home.

This refers to this link which refers to:


  • Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn
  • VMWare Workstation 6 Beta
  • OpenOffice.org 2.2
  • Automatix2
  • Firefox
  • Evolution Groupware 2.10

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