Getting Things Done, in Emacs

From credmp (via Sacha Chua)

A wonderful concept that has intrigued me for quite some time is David Allen’s Getting Things Done. Wikipedia has a good short story on what the process is and how it should work. This article however is about how I implement it into my daily routine at work to try and get the most out of a day. Firstly, I will introduce the software I utilize to get everything done.


In order to get my system up and running, in regards to the
Muse/Planner/Remember trinity, I have found the information and code
snippets of Sacha Chua extremely useful.

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Organisations are systems: agile or not

More wisdom from Patrick Logan:

I taught and coached agile software development a lot over the last many years. A common question was "What about metrics? I need an agile that supports metrics. Our organization does metrics. Or will." Often the people asking the question had little if any understanding of "metrics". Often they thought that "metrics" (the kind in "quotes") must be really complicated, and so this agile thing where you cheat and cut corners certainly must not "do metrics".
A focus on concrete and to-the-point metrics is so important, yet so elusive.

Do smaller (growing) companies do well until politics means that the goals of the organsiations , its sub-unts and individuals cannot easily be aligned?