More on Shinkuro

Got it working, and got a "Hi" from Joi Ito.

Haven't used it much in anger but it basically allows secure file sharing and intant messenger. Quite nice, but I'd be interested to know if they plan to add more applications to be more Groove-like

Teaching Kids to Program

Spotted in Simon Johnston's weblog

Good stuff - Amazon UK doesn't carry the book - will scout around.



Cross-platform Groove? :
Spotted in Joi Ito's Web

Just down loaded it - will report back after playing !


rexblog.com: Rex Hammock's Weblog: "And, rather than an innovation, it's usually a hacked-adaptation of existing, widely available, easy-to-understand -- and freely available -- concepts and technologies. And almost always, there were no meetings involved in its development."
Smalltalk Tidbits, Industry Rants: Ironic
Manageability - SOAP is Comatose But Not Officially Dead!


Wow -this is speaking out !

Speaking Out: "Speaking Out":

He lied about the need for war. He knew there were no weapons of mass destruction, because Hans Blix had made that very clear. He knew that Osama Bin Laden wasn't working with Saddam, yet he worked to reinforce that impression. By lying about the need for war, he tricked people into thinking that it was necessary.

He lied about the cost of war. He said it would only take a matter of weeks. He said Iraq's oil stockpiles would cover the costs. He continues to avoid putting the war in the budget. By lying about the cost, he tricked people into thinking the war would be easy.


Constantine Vetoshev's Road to Lisp: "At the time, I thought C was the most elegant language and Java the most practical one. That point of view lasted for maybe two weeks after initial exposure to Lisp."


Eccentric Genius: F.A. Trebuchet: "the Floating Arm Trebuchet represents the first significant improvement in Trebuchet engineering in about 600 years. By placing the fulcrum point of the hurling arm on wheels and forcing an absolutely vertical fallpath for the counterweight, the mechanical efficiency is improved a mind pummeling 74%."
With Flash demo



Times Online - Britain:

Mr Gates’s camp appeared supremely unconcerned, and had nothing to say beyond confirming that the doodles did, indeed, appear to belong to their man.

Surprisingly, there were no calls for the graphologists to explain how an unstable megalomaniac under enormous pressure became the world’s richest and most successful software entrepreneur, and a hugely generous charitable giver to boot.

Steve Balmer is obviously different