Nokia N8xx

Nokia have just announced a new model of their Internet Tablet (which is not a phone!)

I have been watching the N800 for a while and would have liked to find a store at which to give it a try. It looks cool but what can it really do?

Then the price of the N800 started to drop - so of course a new model was coming!

Here is a comparison of the N800 and the N810 to help me make up my mind as to go with a cheap N800 to try out or splash out for the latest and greatest N810.

Choices, choices!


The rules of war

From Paul Krugman(Reg. reqd):
Anyway, it continues to amaze me how the 21st century is starting to look like the 17th century with fancier technology: tax farmers, mercenaries, and now rentier cities.
Given Paul's previous column on torture, it occurs to me that the end of the 17th century marked the beginning (in Europe) of a period marked by limited wars with conventions of behaviour which limited the impact on civilian populations. The 30 Years War had been the exact opposite with many , many civilan deaths.

Anyway, I wonder if revolution at present day methods will lead to a more restrained era - perhaps we could have some conventions signed at Geneva?

It's the economy stupid

A couple of quotes fro today's Guardian:

Despite opinion poll gains by the Conservatives, Gordon Brown will make a Commons statement on Iraq on Monday, and the chancellor, Alistair Darling, will deliver the comprehensive spending review and the pre-budget report to MPs on Tuesday.


But Mr Brown was today dealt a sobering blow by a Guardian ICM poll, which showed that the two parties were both on 38% in the wake of the Tory conference in Blackpool.

Means only one thing - if they push for an election now they must be very worried about the trend in the economy.