Lisp Starter Pack

Lisp Starter Pack - My personal Common Lisp "newbie" guide (for Windows): "This is an attempt to help Common Lisp newcomers getting started. The aim is to quickly set up a comfortable working environment which includes a couple of useful and/or popular open source libraries."
GMail meets Getting Things Done

GMail GTD = GTDGmail | 43 Folders:
"GTDGmail looks like a promising entry into the increasingly crowded gene pool of web-based productivity software.

The Firefox extension runs on top of your Gmail account, giving you an email-centric approach to implementing Getting Things Done that includes contexts, statuses, a very nifty search feature, and more. This could be just the thing for people who have to live in email, but who don’t want to live in an unprocessed inbox."

Note that this isn't available yet - hope their time management is good!!


New blog

I have decided to have another Blog. I will keep this one going with an... hmm.. eclectic mix of fun and news comment. The new blog will be for more technical items - more of a @work@ blog.

It will also give me a chance to try Wordpress ( it has categories!!) See it at http://keithmantell.wordpress.com


"The real issue is that today's software patents breach the social contract on which the concept of a patent is based."

I think that Simon really nails the important issues in this post - thank you Simon! I have terms like balance running round in my head, but I have to say that Social Contract really is a good term.

Also, the aim of language to confuse rather tha clarify.

Lastly, I agree that there is nothing inherently wrong with SOFTWARE patents - all bad patents should be stopped.


The liquid world. By William Saletan:
"The new no-liquid rules make an exception for prescription medicine. Do you think I can't make a prescription label on the color printer at my office? Do you think I can't empty and refill capsules?"

Good point!


Monitoring SOAP

If your module or mediation module invokes a web service (either via a web services bound import or custom code) then you may want, or need, to analyse the SOAP message(s) sent to/from your web service.

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Performancing is go

A test post from Performancing 1.3

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Great Fun - revived VSF site

I am a sucker for this alternative Victorian SF stuff - too much Jules Vernes as a youngster?

DyeHard's VSF:
"I am hoping this site will act as inspiration and a resource for those fine folks who might want to model or wargame in the Victorian Science Fiction genre."


common-lisp.biz - Common Lisp Web Development: "common-lisp.biz provides the services you need to get the most out of the 'Programmable Programming Language'"


Seven Percent : Main: "I'm SICK TO DEATH of how screwed up Java has become by J2EE and I want it to stop. It's a great language and a great development environment. Stop screwing up something good."
Joel Discovers Blocks:
"Joel Spolsky has just discovered the beauty of anonymous functions"

"Yet again, I have to point out that Smalltalk had this back in the 80's."