La-la-la-la , I haven't got time for this, la-la-la-la

Stevey's Blog Rants: Shiny and New: Emacs 22:
"I finally upgraded to Emacs 22 a few weeks ago, and now I'm wishing I'd braved it sooner. Technically it's not released yet; I'm working from a build of a cvs snapshot from a month or so ago. But the Emacs dev team works pretty hard to make sure it has problem-free builds on a whole slew of platforms, so just following their instructions has a pretty good chance of working for you.

It's worth the effort. Truly. Reading through its NEWS file, there's just tons and tons of new functionality. It's going to take me some time, maybe a few weekends, just to absorb it all."

Steve, I really didn't want to know that Emacs 22 was stable and very useful - now I will have to intsall it......


Welcome to ScheduleWorld: "Don't have a ScheduleWorld ID?
Signup is easy. "

No it isn't - I know tht autmated sign-up has to be discouraged but when a human can't read the special codes !!!!
BBC SPORT | Football | England omission angered Beckham: "Beckham added: 'It surprised me"

I wonder if it surprised many other people - seemed obvious to me after a lack lustre performance and the fact he probably will be too old for the next world cup.


Wired News: Experimental AI Powers Robot Army:
"Perhaps the most impressive -- and spookiest -- aspect of the project is the swarming behavior of the robots. In computer simulations, they acted together to tackle obstacles and grouped together into defensive formations where needed, Thaler said. They also worked out how to deal with defenders, and spontaneously devised the most efficient strategy for mapping their environment, he added."

"I can relate the results of virtual-reality simulations, where swarms of Creativity Machine-based robots have deliberatively sacrificed one of their kind to distract a human guard, enabling the remainder to infiltrate a mock facility," he said.
Hang on ,wasn't that in Aliens !!!

The Universe of Discourse : Design patterns of 1972: "Patterns are signs of weakness in programming languages.

When we identify and document one, that should not be the end of the story. Rather, we should have the long-term goal of trying to understand how to improve the language so that the pattern becomes invisible or unnecessary."