I need to move

Scripting News: 3/1/2005: "Basic requirements for a place to live: Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, an NPR station within range."

Darn, Winchester has no Starbucks, no Barnes and Noble - and I was so happy here until Dave pulled the scales from my eyes.

Via Adam Curry, I started listening to Catholic Insider(http://www.rorate.com/catholicinsider/scripts/index.php). Yesterday's podcast was a tour around Trastevere in Rome ( my wife and I visited Rome 2 years ago at this time and loved it but missed this part); one of Fr. Roderick's remarks concerned how the people there had no need of Starbucks as their coffee shops were so wonderful.

Dave, run quick, BigCo tentacles have amost dragged you into their domain - perhaps you can still escape. Support your local coffee and book shops !!

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