Yes, he was missing something

:: Reviews : First Look at Ubuntu 5.10 Preview: "Was I missing something? "

Possibly a sense of humour!

The first obstacle I had to get by was the naming the developers chose for their releases. I find it amazing that they've gotten so popular with such atrocious branding. This release (v5.04) is called “Hoary” or “Hoary Hedgehog”

hmm, hoary translales as old - I think the author maybe thinking of horny?

Ubuntu's current version this time around is called “Breezy Badger”, and I'm not going to even bother trying to decipher that. Recently, it was announced that the next release of Ubuntu would be named “Dapper Drake”... which I believe might translate directly to “gay duck”.

Well, actually, no that isn't how it is translated - let's not decimate the language needlessly - "dapper" - means well dressed.

BTW, all definitions checked in dictionary.com (just in case anyone feels I'm playing the English English vs. US English game)

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