New printer: Epson Stylus CX6600
My old HP 720C gave up the ghost - the head froze and the band was fraying dramatically. So I decided to buy a new one. What did I want?
  • To get rid of the old parallel cable ( yes, I really still had one of those massive things!)
  • Colour printing - reasonable quality and speed, nothing too fancy
  • Built-in scanner - to save space and replace an unreliable flat-bed scanner
  • All functions should work with Linux and Windows
  • Separate colour and blak cartridges and replacements should not be too expensive (cf. the HP ones!!! )
Not too much to ask? It quickly became apparent that Epson had a great reputation with Linux folks, and the CX 6400 was said to work with all functions.

Well, I am delighted with the CX6600 - all functions (print, scan, copy) work with both Linux and Windows. As a bonus it can also read a variety of memory sticks. All though its volume is quite large, its footprint is not worse that the 720C ( which had a long paper catching tray) and of course the huge A4 scanner is gone too. Print and scan quality seems very good to me, and the speed of prnting is good. It is nice and quiet.

Bottom-line - I'm very happy!

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