Setting up mu4e for gmail for emacs

I am doing this in crostini on my Chromebook
  • Setup your gpg certificate if you don't have one (I used the instructions here)
  • setup pass if not installed
    • pass init <userid>
  • Get an application specific password for gmail here
  • Add this password to pass
    • pass insert Mail/MyGmail
  • Then setup ~/.mbsyncrc as per this link (Thank you SystemCrafters!)
    • Change userid
    • Use pass Mail/MyGMail to retrieve the password
    • I also added MaxMessages to the local channel as the crostini container is small!
    • Check the certificates path for your distribution (it was fine for debian)
  • Initial sync
    • mbsync -a
  • Setup mu4e
    • Note that the instructions in the previous link are now out of date...
    • After installing
    • mu init -m ~/Mail --my-address=userid@gmail.com
    • mu index
  • Then follow these instructions to use mu4e-org

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