Carpe Diem

WebMink: my heart certainly goes out to Simon and his family. He accurately describes the kinds of fears that go through parents' minds.

It occured to me that I was glad that my chidren were a biy older, so that cot death was no longer an issue. But then Simon's relation was beyond that age, and only yesterday I found myself checking on our 15 year-old son after he returned from a party: was he really that tired or... ( He was that tired !)

I realise the truth of what my mother said a few years ago: " I worry about my grandchildren - actually I still worry about you as well". So we will never be totally free of this worry - and that is a good thing. We must make the most of life - we are certainly luckier than other ages, and other parts of the world today, where long life is a luxury.

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