Oh man here we go again

As with many people I suppose, I got started with blogs by tuning into Dave Winers often quirky stuff. I have to say I have enjoyed the content less of late, and there also seem to be more attacks on people that he perceives have done him wrong.

Here is the latest round in his spat with Adam Curry: Scripting News: 5/19/2005: "For now, I'm not going to go deeper into the rift between myself and Adam Curry, only to acknowledge that now he's saying more things that are untrue in press interviews, punishing me for thinking he was ever a friend. My generosity with him is, in an ironic and unfair way, a gift that keeps on giving."

Now I have no idea whether Adam Curry is a paragon of virtue or not, but, whether he invented the podcast concept or not, he certainly has a popularised it. I'm sure he'd like to make money from it, but , hey this is real life and so long as he doesn't foul it up for everyone else, OK.

But I think we can all agree that it is easy to get misquoted by journalists - if I could be bothered I know I could find Dave Winer saying this had happened to him ( if he hasn't editted them away). So what is more likely, a simple misquote or ommission by the journalist, or some futile conspiracy by Adam C to brainwash the world into believing he single-handedly invented podcasting.

And as per an earlier entry of mine, look at the lack of specifics. "But these lies have gone on and on, he just doesn't stop." Which lies, where?

Adam Curry has responded ( very reasonably i seems to me) on his podcast.

Dave on his , tells us that anyone who says nasty things about him is getting revenge for some wrong that Dave has done to them in the cause of humanity or some such.

He also tells us he feels he has a great voice for podcasts - well not in my opion, and he really can't sing.
<>PS: Is there an easy way to ref. podcasts?

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