View from the Mountain: SUSE 9.3 Linux Upgrade a heavy weight compared to Apple's OS X 10.4 Tiger: "I actually find the user interface of SUSE 9.3 more productive than Tiger. Now there isn't an image program as slick as iPhoto but there are lots of other apps with SUSE which don't come with Tiger.

Also as far as getting things done, moving around the desktop, and accomplishing my work, I think SUSE may win the race, but I will give it a few more days.

I just had a problem with the mail.app just refusing to send an e-mail. The icon for send when clicked did nothing. Perhaps Linux tells you more than you want to know about what is happening, but OS X doesn't tell you enough. My experience this year has taught me that a Linux box comes with better tools for fixing problems. With OS X mostly your option is to start from scratch again."
Via James Governor

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