Eiffel Studio gets a dual license - how about the compiler?

Eiffel Software press release:
"Eiffel Software today announced that the latest version of its cross-platform IDE EiffelStudio? is now available under Dual Licensing, enabling users to choose between a license for commercial development and a license for Open Source development."
I feel that many communities of less popular languages would benefit from going Open Source: Ruby and Python come to mind as success stories. Smalltalk and Eiffel have multiple proprietary implementations - which I would have thought made life difficult for all the incumbents. I wonder what would happen if the companies made the commodity parts of their offerings open source, as in pooled their resources? Difficult to achieve ! Andd each incumbent is at least comfortable with the status quo.....

Lisp meanwhile has a few proprietary products and so many open ones it makes your head spin - definitely time for some consolidation there - why waste so much effort on duplicated effort - it is not as if there aren't other things to do, such as improving the libraries in newer areas .

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