Blogging from Bottom Feeder to BlogSpot

This may be written up somewhere but here are my entries in the Bottomfeeder Blog Poster plugin settings:

  • Blog API == Blogger API
  • Blog ID == a six dgit number at the end of the URL of yourBlog e.g. 123456
  • I do client side markup
  • ftp url == ftp.blogspot.com
  • Profile Name == any string to uniquely identify which blog you want to post to (BottomFeeder use only)
  • Posts to retrieve (whatever)
  • Username and Password == your Blogspot logon info
  • On the Blogger API page : App Key == 1, Blogger URL == http://api.blogger.com/api
  • Under Settings->API , ensure blogger API is selected (need to do this each time for ome reason)

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